Leadership Development

Being a Leader or a People Manager is a privilege and a responsibility. It's a role that involves many skills and attributes to support, develop and inspire people in all aspects of their working lives and ultimately contribute to the success and growth of a business.  After all, people are the most important asset in any organisation.


We know leading and managing people isn't always an easy path but it's a vital one and can be incredibly rewarding. At Lighthouse, we understand what it takes to develop and enhance leadership skills that bring out the best in team members and leaders themselves.


Sometimes this is about day to day detail of how to run a team or function and other times it's about a much bigger picture like facilitating change, creating strategy or embedding cultural transformation.


Just some of the aspects we are able to help you flourish in are:

  • Managing change and cultural transformation
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Managing performance and development
  • Managing conflict and dealing with difficult conversations
  • Leading and engaging with Emotional Intelligence


We underpin much of the work we do with Insights profiling tools, to great success, in order to help people better understand themselves and each other, to work together better as a team and allow leaders to lead more effectively and harmoniously.


Why not pick up the phone or drop us a line to see how we can support your leaders in making your business an inspiring and engaging place to work?